Tattoos of Celebrities

Like it or not, celebrity culture is slowly taking over this ever-changing world in which we live in, with absurdly non-newsworthy celebrity headlines finding their way into prime time television news broadcasts…

Despite this downward spiral of our society, many of us find ourselves latching onto these famous figures as a means of self-representation or perhaps simply admiration and fascination.

While some people take the obsession to the next level and devote ever lasting tattoos of these “admirable” celebrities. Get a load of these celebrity portrait tattoos below.

Amazing guitar player and singer Jimi Hendrix.
Britney Spears looking awfully upset.
Oprah Winfrey smiling wide.
Pee-wee Herman talking on the phone.
Bob Barker come on down tattoo idea.
Christopher Walken great sleeve portrait design.
Jack Black looking whack.
Michael Moore shifty eyes and glasses.
Conan O’Brien and his amazing red hairstyle.
Tony Danza with a bow tie.
Will Ferrell as elf character.
Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce on shoulder.
Clay Aiken ink on back.

Rihanna Hip Tattoo

Pop singer Rihanna has quite a few tattoos, including a sanskrit prayer on her right hip, which roughly translates into “forgiveness, truth, suppression and calmness”.

Megan Fox Hip Tattoo

The stunningly beautiful hollywood actress Megan Fox has a very low hip tattoo which appears to be the name of her husband “Brian” Austin Green. The actress also has numerous other tattoos on her body and we’ll feature them in the future.

Lauren Conrad Hip Tattoo

American television personality and author Lauren Conrad has a lovely small hip tattoo on her lower right side, which appears to be a cursive letter L, presumably representing her first name.

Justin Bieber Hip Tattoo

Pint sized super star Justin Bieber has been spotted with a little hip tattoo of his own, and the design appears to be the outline of a bird, perhaps a dove. Real cute tattoo Mr Jiebers.

Beyonce Knowles Hip Tattoo

Singer actress extraordinaire Beyonce Knowles has a beautiful hip tattoo which appears to be an angel of sorts, located on the lower left portion of her hip.

Angelina Jolie Hip Tattoo

Fabulous celebrity actress Angelina Jolie has a beautiful bold hip tattoo which includes a black cross along with the Latin phrase “Quod me nutrit me destruit” which translates into “What nourishes me, destroys me”.