Cartoon Monkey Tattoos

And just when you thought monkey tattoos couldn’t get anymore fun-loving and colorful, take a look at this picture collection of joyful little cartoon inspired monkey tattoos.

Dream of ice cream and cherry.
Stunning 3D artwork with cone and huge glassy eyes.
Acting silly with spider, skulls and jack in the box.
Great artwork with magical brain power.

Cartoon Frog Tattoos

Passionate for frogs and looking to step outside of the traditional tattoo artwork idea? Perhaps consider getting a cartoon inspired tattoo!

These little slimy creatures are sometimes portrayed with a kings crown or other royal items, plus the classic singing and dancing frog with cane and top hat known as Michigan J. Frog by Merrie Melodies, seems to be a fan favorite.

Big blue eyes and small crown.
Speak, see and hear no evil on lower back of girl.
Classic cartoon character.

Animated lazy while smoking.

Butterfly Tattoos

It really goes without saying, butterfly tattoos are simply one of the most sensationally beautiful designs imaginable, plus they are perhaps the single most requested tattoo design among woman, and men with softer sides.

And with nearly 30,000 known species of these feather weight flying portraits cascading around, providing real life artwork to nature, choosing the best color scheme can take some serious thought. The possibilities are absolutely endless.

Aside from the traditional single butterfly design, another common idea is to place a pair of wings, perhaps on the back between the shoulder blades.

These super cute butterfly tattoos below will surely give you a few insightful ideas for your own personal masterpiece.

Lovely purple with transparent areas.
Large dark colored art on upper arm.
Five on back right side idea.
Highly detailed and colorful back piece.
Bright vibrant ink.
Wings with hidden eyes.
Tiger mixture with name on back left shoulder.
Sexy lower back on woman.
Ankle and foot combination.

Turtle Tattoos

Turtle tattoos are portrayed in a wide variety of designs, the cartoon inspired artwork seems to be a fan favorite, along with the ever so popular tribal style, however my personal favorite is the traditional turtle portrait, which is sometimes accompanied by water, flowers and other vegetation.

As for the symbolization of turtle tattoos, these beautiful creatures are said to represent knowledge, patience and longevity. Checkout some cool tattoo picture ideas below.

Fantastic quality artwork.
Small design idea.
Little ink on foot.
Cartoon art while holding instrument.
Standing up and being sad.
Fabulous masterpiece on side torso.
Trio swimming around on leg.
With colorful flowers and waves.

Ram Tattoos

Ram tattoos are nothing short of amazing, with their stern faces and curled horns, these animals are a sheer image of strength, power and determination, which is what they are said to symbolize.

Ram tattoos are excellent for anyone who enjoys their presence, however these designs are more common among people with the zodiac sign of aries, which is represented by the ram. These people are born between April 15 and May 15.

Dodge logo artwork picture.
Lovely artwork with script on upper arm.
Stunning high quality detailed partial sleeve idea with roses.
Shoulder design picture.
Closeup photo of small ink.

Lion Tattoos

Looking for a sensationally beautiful, fierce and breathtaking tattoo? Well if your in the market for an animal tattoo, i can’t imagine any design more bold and beautiful as a big burly lion.

And if you decide to get a lion masterpiece, its worth noting that the standalone lion heads are perhaps the most commonly seen design, appose to the full body and tail, which is also quite stunning.

Common locations for the artwork include, the upper shoulder, bicep area and chest for big tattoos. Checkout these picture ideas below.

Lovely painting style with two heads.
Mixed with tribal art on upper arm area.
Excellent quality head ink.
Fabulous portrait with a touch of abstract.
With crown and flag.
With small lamb and crosses in background.
Great HQ picture.
Full body and tail ink on top of foot.
Growling while showing vicious teeth.

Horse Tattoos

Horses are widely considered to be one of the most breathtakingly stunning animals on the planet, whether its their beautiful muscular bodies, their flawlessly sleek coats or perhaps for their centuries of dedication as living breathing taxicabs.

Horse tattoos are high on the list for most popular animal tattoos, and these designs range from large extensive back piece artwork to small solo head tattoos.

Enjoy this nice picture gallery of excellent horse artwork ideas for both girls and guys alike, the hardest part is often choosing the colors, which is why we see so many in basic black and grey.

Back piece with six portraits.
Fabulous black and white ink while raging on.
Standalone head idea.
Stunning quality with big rose.
Peeling art idea.
Hurdling through flesh ink.
Lovely artwork with two large and one small creations with wings and roses.