Shoulder Tattoos

Ah yes, the shoulder is a wonderful location of the human body for tattoo design, an area which is often the starting point of a sleeve tattoo, whether it be a quarter, half or full design.

However the shoulder is a fabulous area for a single tattoo as well, and some of the most popular designs for this location includes tribal artwork, animals/fish, and perhaps a flowery masterpiece for the ladies.

Have a gander at these pictures and uncover some helpful ideas for your impending masterpiece.

Tribal on mans left shoulder.
Intertwined hooks on right arm.
Galaxy of colorful stars.
Beautiful 3D flower power.
Voodoo skull idea.
Rose with city woman.
Koi fish picture.

Rib Tattoos

The ribs and side torso area is a rather common location for a tattoo design, perhaps more common among women, and the tattoo often extends below the ribcage in many cases.

The type of designs range from anything under the sun, or anything you would have inked elsewhere on the body, however flowers and other vegetation seem to be most popular.

Feast your pretty peepers on this picture gallery of excellent rib tattoo ideas, which are mainly for girls, however guys may find them appealing as well.

Large roses and vine extending to hip and chest.
Colorful flowery artwork.
Possible zombie attack.
Cute collection of five stars.
Fabulous artwork with roses.
Clouds and old school plane dogfight.

Lower Back Tattoos

Love them or not, lower back tattoos have officially inked themselves as one of the most popular tattoo requests among women and even some men, but how could this be, the mere idea of these designs have garnered the negative slang stereotype of “tramp stamp”, nevertheless these lower back stamps have flourished like a flower in the open sunlight.

When its all said and done, the fact remains that some people enjoy the presence of a lower back tattoos, while others find it to be cliche beyond belief.

Either way, enjoy these pictures of some quality design ideas, showcases on some lovely ladies.

Cute butterfly artwork.
Smattering of small and large stars.
Tribal and rose ideas.
Lengthy scripture.
Peacock bird feathers.
Colorful artwork with rainbows.
Hello Kitty is adorable…

Lip Tattoos

Sometimes i find it difficult to keep up with all the latest tattoo treads, initiated by cool kids around the world, however lip tattoos are quickly becoming a little too common for their own good.

That’s right folks, people everywhere are now venturing into the inner fleshy areas, for some undoubtedly painful inner lip ink, which is surely parent approved…

The real question is, how long does it take until that “new tattoo” taste is fully gone?

Skull and crossbones idea.
Lovely lady lips.
Sore is an understatement.
Heart line on pink bottom area.
Vegan approved artwork?
Heaven or hell?
Stars are shining bright for this young lady.

Leg Tattoos

The legs are another extremely popular location for a tattoo design, perhaps even more popular among people who wish to easily conceal their artwork, if need be.

As for leg tattoo designs, anything you would have inked on your arm, would look equally as appealing on your leg as well, including sleeve designs, which often begin at the knee, or just below, and extend to just above the ankle.

Feast your peepers on this little picture gallery of tattoo ideas for both men and women.

Cool biomechanical double sleeve artwork.
Mario mushrooms on back of calf.
Celtic inspired art.
Asian themed colorful design.
Detailed Aztec ink.
Large green dragon masterpiece.
Tiger with black background.

Angel Wings Tattoos

One of the latest trends that seems to be taking the body art world by storm is angel wing tattoos, placed appropriately on the back which creates a stunningly realistic looking masterpiece.

These angel wing tattoos come in all shapes, sizes and styles, some very cute and small, while other designs cover virtually the entire back of an individual.

And if you plan on tattooing a larger pair of angel wings on your very own back, get comfortable, because these designs will take several visits to the local parlor to complete.

Detailed design on the back of woman.
With large bone structure on man.
Medium sized artwork idea.
With scripture and dagger.
Extensive artwork on tanned woman.
Smaller artwork idea.
Double take of lovely body art.

Tribal Hip Tattoos

This post on tribal hip tattoos will conclude or segment of hip artwork ideas, and we’ll move onto another topic of tattoos and body locations.

As you can see from the pictures below, tribal hip tattoos are very lovely and the traditional styles are also quite bold in appearance, however some people like to add small bits of tribal flavor to their chosen design. See below for examples.

Large artwork idea on upper right side.
Colorful combination of swirls.
Closeup butterfly picture.