Tribal Women’s Tattoos

Even though so many people feel that tattoos are a sign of masculinity, it is not impossible to find feminine tattoos. Plus, in many cases it is all in the placement of the tattoo.

As for tribal tattoos, many of them are very bold and thick, which is truly a masculine trait, but as a woman, you can get a feminine tribal tattoo.

You want to have the design more thin lined and smaller versus thick black lines. You may also want to consider more swirls and designs with your tribal tattoo.

Many women will actually have other designs and images blended in with the tribal tattoo designs. Hearts, butterflies, and flowers are those designs that are commonly used to embellish the tribal designs.

Another thing to consider, is the placement of the tattoo. Being a female, there are many feminine places where yo ucan put a tattoo. Tribal arm bands are pretty masculine, so you may want to avoid an arm band, unless you go thin, but otherwise, you can consider thing tribal wrist bracelets, tramp stamps, and even ankles.


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