Unique Tattoo Design

tattoo design

One of the biggest mistakes which people often make, and then regret later, is to choose a tattoo design, simply because it looks nice on other people, because a celebrity was spotted wearing a similar design, or it looks nice in the flash portfolio.

Before making your unique tattoo design, how in the first place do you approach on your perfect tattoo? Before scanning through hundreds of websites, magazine pages of tattoo publications and through the tattoo parlor catalogues, do some internal soul searching to find out what you want. To guide your thought process, the following could help:

# Your essential beliefs:
zodiac signs, quotes, religious phrases, tribal art, modern art, mythological characters, memories of a person or place, etc.

# Purpose of tattooing:
Why do you want to sport a tattoo? Again, reasons for tattooing can help you decide on what type of uniqueness you want.

# Limitations in future:
Think of any limitation to your tattoo exposure in future. Would your place of work allow a visible tattoo?

tattoo design

# Significance of the tattoo design:
Every tattoo has a meaning and significance. Choose a design, whose meanings appeal to you personally.

tattoo design

Whatever results emanate from your soul searching, it can add a lot of value when you decide to sit down with your tattoo artist to make your tattoo unique. You could also pick up one of your favorite designs from the artists’ catalogue and add you own twist or draw your own design! The tattoo artist should be able to expand on it and come up with unique piece of tattoo art.

Needless to mention, there are thousands of design concepts to explore.


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